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A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton Essay Example

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton Essay Example A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton Paper A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton Paper Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs work in foreign lands in order to provide for themselves and their families; and they also help the countrys economy through their remittances. In doing so, they can face abuse and racism by their employers. They may also become homesick from being away from their families, friends and homeland. Our music video aims to promote greater appreciation for OFWs and the fruits of their labor, and also to highlight what family members of OFWs go through. The target audience for our music video is students, specifically high school students; seeing that is very common for students to have parents or relatives that are OFWs. The video will have a story, with characters going through conflict, climax and resolution. The dramatic approach will be used in our treatment. The music video is the best way to present the topic. It can easily bring out emotion from the audience by letting them see the different stories of OFWs. By using this kind of presentation, immediate reaction could also be seen after the audience had viewed the music video. Treatment The music video will revolve around the lives of three OFWs. The three main characters will be a single mother, who is working as a yaya, a newly graduated woman who is working as a nurse and a father who is working as a janitor. The main story will be in a hospital setting with the nurse and the janitor working there. The yaya on the other hand, will also be at the hospital looking after a young boy who is confined in the same hospital. The first verse of the music video will start with the scene of the three main characters (who just arrived) at the airport trying to look for their families in the crowd. The first refrain and chorus will show flash backs of the characters on the job back in the hospital. In the chorus, the yaya looks at the wall clock as the nurse enters the room of the child and looks at her wrist watch and then checks on the child. Outside the door, the janitor stops cleaning for a while as the nurse comes out of the room. The three of them begin to reminisce about their family back home. In the second verse, the three characters contact their families back home. The next scenes will show each of the families receiving their remittances after talking with their loved one working as an OFW. In the second refrain and chorus, the families of the OFWs will be shown. Each of them has their own feeling of grief. The son of the yaya begins to ask his guardian about his mother, the parents of the nurse patiently wait for the call of their daughter and the janitors family is crossing out each date that passes. In the bridge, each of the characters hardships (such as working long shifts and being lonely) working abroad will be shown. As the first verse repeats, the scene in the airport will be shown again for the continuation of the story. Each character will see their families approaching them and hug them tightly.

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Social enterprises Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Social enterprises - Essay Example The main mission and objectives of a social enterprise are to carry out some form of social benefit to the local or international community by developing socially-minded programs, workplace ethics, and then expanding these principles into broader society. Common examples of social enterprises are those organizations that have a specific focus such as conserving wildlife or improving the skills and talents of workers so that they can become better contributors in society. A social enterprise takes all of its profit (if earned through commercial practices) and then builds momentum with these resources in redefining or assisting social policy. Any organization that is non-profit and has a specific agenda (though they can have profit opportunities), with a focus on contributing to society through corporate social responsibility, would be labeled a social enterprise. An example of the social enterprise can be viewed in The Ashoka Organization, a non-profit organization that specializes in social program development and social enterprise entrepreneur support. Ashoka is a global association of many different social enterprise leaders that provides temporary salaries to start-up social enterprises, offers professional support in their social-minded efforts, and also provides networking opportunities for social enterprise leaders for the purpose of education and support (, 1). One of the main missions of this organization is to assist in building infrastructures and financial stipends to assist in developing a common social agenda and spreading social innovation at the global level. This social enterprise uses its resources solely for this agenda, taking part in many different social programs such as working toward the de-programming of bullies that assault youths ( The common goal is improving society and building more network support in efforts such as these. What makes the social enterprise

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Cloud Computing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Cloud Computing - Research Paper Example For this analysis, focus would be on the public cloud where software and hardware systems are hosted in the remote data center of the provider as opposed to private cloud where the software and hardware systems are hosted in the enterprise of the customer. Thus, instead of having local servers and computers in the consumer’s premises, the provider provides a remote data center from which end users access the cloud through web browsers or mobile applications (Rountree & Castrillo, 2013). These cloud application providers seek to provide similar or better service as if the software programs were locally installed in the end-users’ computers. The capital investment involved in setting up a cloud would be mainly on the data center. This cost would be borne by the cloud provider who acquires all physical computing resources including networks, storage, servers and hosting infrastructure. On the other hand, the operation costs would be passed on to the users. The equipment an d assets in the data center belong to the service provide while the user would enter into a contract with the provider on a monthly or annual basis. Additionally, this cloud provider manages the computing infrastructure meant to provide the cloud services and runs the cloud software which provides the required services. The provider takes up the responsibility of deploying, configuring, maintaining and updating the way software applications operate on cloud infrastructure so as to meet the expected service provision levels. Therefore, the cloud provider would be expected to design, develop, procure, install, test, deploy, provide and manage the IT resources in cloud computing. Raj (2013) observes that this shift of capital demanding model to an operating expense model transfers material risk from the service user to the provider. DEPLOYMENT MODELS Organizational requirements on the services to be accessed from the cloud and the control needed varies greatly. Therefore, different ser vice models have been used to implement the cloud environment. During the early stages in the development of cloud computing, there were only two categorizations, private and public cloud according to Hollwarth (2012). These two shared specific characteristics. However, these categories were extended to cover forms like the hybrid cloud and even a more specialized model known as community cloud. Private cloud Private cloud infrastructure is solely operated for an organization made up of multiple consumers. According to Mell and Grance (2011), the ownership, management and operation of this cloud could be vested in the organization, an appointed third party or a combination of these. It could be hosted on or off premises. Accessibility would be through local area network, LAN or wide area network, WAN (Raj, 2013). This implies that the organization substantially holds control of the data center thus improves on privacy and security issues. Nonetheless, Hollwarth (2012) observes that private clouds could fail to be fully utilized as compared to public clouds and as such could fail to operate efficiently. Additionally, undertaking the control of security of the cloud could come with higher cost implications as opposed to public clouds. Community cloud Shared by various organizations, community cloud is exclusively provisioned for use by a specific consumer community sharing similar concerns such as compliance considerations, policy,

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John Brown Essay Example for Free

John Brown Essay John Brown was from Connecticut, born in strict religious family in 1800. At 12, after seeing a slave being brutally beaten, swore to never forget that day. In the mid 1800’s he decided to campaign against slavery in Kansas and Nebraska, so did the pro-slavery who campaigned for the continuation of slavery. With the murder of six anti-slaverists and that slave who was beaten many years ago, he decided that: â€Å"In order to end slavery, violence must be applied† (John Brown). In 1956, at the town of Lawrence, Pro slavery members destroyed the anti slavery head quarters and killed 6 of its members. John Brown observed the violence that erupted at Lawrence town. John Brown was set on revenge and on May 24th he and 6 of his followers pulled 5 men from the Pro slavery camps at Pottawatomie Creek and killed them. To avoid charges, John Brown went to New England to charge and raised money for 2  ½ years in order to purchase weapons. He was financially supplied by a secret group of six wealthy men who supported his ideas. In October 16, 1859, John Brown and 21 followers decided to take the weapons of the military arsenal in Harpers Ferry. John Brown hoped that giving the slaves weapons, they would revolt against slavery but they didn’t show up in the battle. John Brown was intercepted by the US. Marines led by Robert E. Lee. The Marines were victorious and John Brown was captured. He faced charges in Virginia and he was hanged. The execution of John Brown led the nation to divide itself into two polars, one believed that all men are born free and another who believed that Black people should be slaves. Some say that John Brown was martyr and others say that he was a terrorist and his efforts were in vain. John was a martyr who fought and died for his beliefs, and his sacrifice leaded to the abolition of slavery, so yes John Brown was a courageous abolitionist who died for a cause he believed in.

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Stock Picks :: GCSE Business Marketing Coursework

Stock Picks Before I recommend a security, it is necessary for me to establish a few assumptions about the nature of my investment perspective. I am 22 years of age and therefore am less averse to risk. Therefore, my investment time horizon is very long due to my age. My first stock pick is based upon the previous assumptions and also the following one; Economic activity proceeds at a brisk rate as in 1999. Since this would indicate a bull market, I would choose a stock in the technology sector. I choose Gateway, ticker symbol (GTW). In the months to come, this company will start flooding the market with what is known as Internet Appliances, or IA’s. These are inexpensive network computers with the network being the Internet. They will cater to consumers who want Web access but don’t want the cost, technical problems, and maintenance that comes with a PC. However. That doesn’t necessarily mean PC’s are going away in the foreseeable future Gateway plans on making profit from these IA’s by signing deals with communications giants like America Online to be ISP’s. GTW recently traded at $56 a share, with a P/E of 30.6. This equals an EPS of $1.83. In my next stock-pick, I still presume the assumptions in the first paragraph, and also I need to make a different assumption; Continued economic growth leads to an inflationary environment in 2000. For these economic conditions, I feel United Technologies Corporation, symbol (UTX), is an appropriate stock. One of the 30 stocks on the Dow Jones Industrials, United Technologies Corporation, based in Hartford, Connecticut, provides a broad range of high technology products and support services to the building systems and aerospace industries. Those products include Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines, space propulsion systems and industrial gas turbines; Carrier heating, air conditioning and refrigeration; Otis elevator, escalator and people movers; Hamilton Sundstrand aerospace and industrial products; Sikorsky helicopters and International Fuel Cells power systems. In the news May 3, 2000, â€Å" Otis Elevator Co. landed a contract Tuesday worth more than $8 million to supply 31 elevators to the Hearst Tower building in Charlotte, N.C.† This is indicative of the activity this company will have into the future time horizon of the next few months. Thus being a blue-chip stock, it has been relatively stable the past few years as compared to the S&P 500. In fact it has outperformed it consistently the past 5 years.

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Goffman: Impression Management

February 8, 2013 Impression Management The notion that we see ourselves as an object, as others see us, forms the basis for one of Goffman’s central concepts; impression management. Impression management refers to the verbal and nonverbal practices we employ in an attempt to present an acceptable image of our self to others. Some of the principal ways in which impressions are created and maintained are by the person’s demeanor, the deference, the front, the backstage, the character, and the performer. The demeanor deals with how a person conducts and dresses himself individually.For example, the greetings and salutations we offer others, the disclosure of personal information, the closing or granting of physical space we give others, and countless other acts, if done right can mark an individual as well-demeaned person and thus deserving of the deference only others can give to him. Deference refers to having honor, dignity, and respect towards others. The reciprocal na ture of deference and demeanor is such that maintaining a well-demeaned image allows those present to do likewise as the deference they receive obligates them to confer proper deference in kind.The front is what an individual shows toward others while the backstage is the region of the performance normally unobserved by, and restricted from members of the audience. Meaning that people have there own secrets about themselves that no one knows about. As a character, the self is in reality an image, a managed impression that is fabricated in agreement with others during an encounter. However, when we turn to the self as a performer, we as an individual look to impress or get approval by others by what we do/achieve at something.For example, you’re getting your house ready for when you have guests coming over because you want to make an good impression. The individual as performer is the thinking, fantasizing, dreaming, desiring human being whose capacity to experience pride and shame motivates him or her not only to perform for others but also to take precautions against embarrassment. The process of impression management and social interaction both include a rational and a non-rational dimension in different ways.Merchants of morality is in both of them, it means individuals’ attempts to â€Å"engineer† interaction â€Å"profits† through properly enacted performances, and to live up to the standards of morality by which their performances will be judged. We present ourselves as well-demeaned persons in part because it is in our best interest to do so but, by doing that, we announce our adherence to the moral standards that ritually organize social encounters. In other words, the self is the mask the individual wears in social situations, but it is also the human being behind the mask who decides which mask to wear.

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Democracy An Ideal State A Model For Future Societies

Jennifer Turner History TR 12:30-1:45 October 16, 2014 Democracy viewed as a system strictly for the benefit of the rich and to control the poor. Democracy is the platform for a man to quench their insatiable want to attain more money. The rich were unaffected by this desire, for they continue to have monetary gain while the poor suffered. A position of authority is given out without any thought to whom has been chosen for the role. Once the poor becomes intolerant to the subjective behavior they revolt and kill, thus creating their own right to power. Aristotle felt that every state is a community and that these communities are established to produce some good in his work The Politics. The Republic, Plato felt that through philosophical teaching to establish the ideal state—a model for future societies. Plato’s method would be an ideal way to settle the controversy when dealing with democracy, Aristotle solution interrelates with Plato’s method. Plato felt that when the poor overcomes the rich it then becomes a de mocracy. This is done in a manner that is suitable for man’s pleasure. With this desire, a pattern of a variety of characters is created for then democracy is loosely constructed. The person who is in a position of power would not feel obligated to be capable to do their job. They would not fight as one would their people or achieve peace unless they feel a want to do so. Even with no legal power the authoritative figure would act as if they have the rightShow MoreRelated Americas Democracy Essay1091 Words   |  5 PagesAmericas Democracy The United States of America is a republic, or representative democracy. Democracy, a word that comes to us from Greek, literally means the people rule (Romance, July 8). This broad definition leaves unanswered a few important details such as who are the people, how shall they rule, and what should they rule on (July 8). Defining the answers to those questions means defining a model for a democratic system. William E. Hudson defines four such models in his book American DemocracyRead MoreIdeals of Democratic Citizenship in Funeral Oration by Pericles1264 Words   |  6 PagesIdeals of Democratic Citizenship in Funeral Oration by Pericles When dealing with the extent to which Socrates is a good example for following the ideals of democratic citizenship, a good source to use as a point of comparison to his life is the principles laid out about that citizenship by Pericles in his Funeral Oration. In the Oration, Pericles brought forth certain ideas about Athenian democracy and how its citizens should live their lives in accordance with it. He held these views to beRead MoreThe Ideals of the Declaration of Independence862 Words   |  4 Pages The Ideals of the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence is the most important document in the history of the most influential nation in the modern world – The United States of America. Many other nations and societies that have gained their independence since this declaration was drafted in 1776 have used the four key ideals contained within it as a guide for their own independence. This document did much more than achieve independence for the U.S; it would drasticallyRead MoreThe Expansion Of National Public Authority944 Words   |  4 PagesThe popular expansion of national public authority, coupled with the flourishing existence of open and natural environments have been integral to the history and progress of American democracy and capitalism. The open frontier of the New World established an inescapable feeling of freedom, individualism, and independence. Out of these sentiments, a supportive political environment emerged, one that harmoniously worked to uphold the same ideas of equality and security that were meshing to form theRead MoreThe Activism Towards The German Unification1512 Words   |  7 Pagespolitician, both in Germany, where he was from, and in the United States, where he died. He was a unifier, revolutionary, a minister, a general, a secretary and a senator, but also an idealist and a journalist. He was a man of ideas who worked to make those ideas a reality. This essay will focus on his past and on his work. It will start with his journalistic work in Germany and it will continue through his political activism in the United States. This paper will also include my opinion on Schulz, a manRead MoreThe Persian Wars Were Significant For World History1441 Words   |  6 Pageswho first wrote about the Persian Wars, once said, â€Å"Great things are won by great dangers.† All war is dangerous, yet the advancements made afterward help form civilizations and promote future prosperity. The Greco-Persian Wars were significant for world history because they paved the way for the rise of democracy, emerging cultural advances, and formed the structure of the Eastern-Western divide in later civilizations, which eventually shapes the modern world. Initially, the wars began about 500Read MoreAdolphe Quetelet, Johann Herder, And Alexis Tocqueville1264 Words   |  6 Pagesall of which worked on theories and done research on â€Å"man† in society. Although their work has had differences, there has been similarities that connect all three of these philosophers’ ideas together. As a brief background, Herder expressed the history of man throughout his work. This history of man portrayed survival tactics, emotional responses, human nature, and the consequences faced by man. Tocqueville’s work consists of the Democracy in America and the ultimate goal of an â€Å"Indefinite PerfectibilityRead MoreThe Inequality Gap Of The Rich And Poor1183 Words   |  5 Pagesnot affect our democracy. Others say the inequality gap is weakening our democracy. Either way, there is a wealth gap between the rich and the poor in the United States and as this gap between the classes expands, there is a debate over what should be done. On one side, people believe that great inequality between the rich and the poor is incompatible with democracy. Democracy is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as, â€Å"a system of government in which all the people of a state or polity ..Read MoreThe Power Elite: Overview of American Political Institutions1740 Words   |  7 Pageshistory, resulting in institutional corruption and the failure to live up to American ideals? Again, I believe that there is a substantial variation among organizations. In its current form I believe that the House of Representatives can be seen as a significantly compromised organization that consistently thwarts rational progress, as at least at times do the Supreme Court and the Electoral College. Or are these ideals themselves, namely, the valuation of individuality and self-interest, the selfsameRead MoreThe Future of Freedom1075 Words   |  5 PagesHistory The Future of Freedom In his book, The Future of Freedom, Fareed Zakaria writes that we must make democracy safe for the world. The American democracy sets the standard around the world for liberal democracies, but transitions across for other countries across the world toward a liberal democracy is often difficult and with poor decision making, close to impossible. Liberal democracies are the systems in which people choose their government and live in an environment of freedom. In Zakarias